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Do you struggle to achieve career success while maintaining a peaceful home and happy children?



Learn how you can have more success at your work and in your life!



Book Review
“Succeeding as a Super Busy Parent is the culmination of years of expert one-on-one coaching to parents in the trenches. Natalie’s advice is seasoned, rooted in reality, and written to inspire change for the better. ”
- Melanie Berry of


……the resource for every parent with too much to do and too little time. .

…a straightforward approach to everyday questions and challenges faced by working parents.

…a tool that you’ll keep returning to time-after-time for tips, practical advice, and solutions you can use in your own life.

…your guidebook for effectively creating more fulfillment, joy and balance in your super busy life.
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Remember, you are not alone!  Many parents struggle with similar challenges. Being a parent is tough enough…add to it a demanding career, conflicting priorities and competing demands and its no wonder you feel the way you do. Help is here! This book offers practical and timely tried and true advice. The author is a well known highly sought after speaker and writer who genuinely enjoys being a resource to others and sharing her expertise.

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